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Hey, the site was all the time allive, allso me, the owner and the whole team of Ultrabets. So you can start again visiting our site cause we are back in bussines again due to our main sponsor Unibet, wich was all the time by our side.

Due to his long life we are still here and now ready to post again on our international site. Here we’ll publish some quality infos about how to become smarter in the duel with bookies and how to win more often you bets.

Ofcource this is not easy but we’ll be on your side with our predictions and our way to bet smart and win in front of bookmakers. Depending on how much the team will have time, we’ll try to post a lot of our indoors projects, but first it will appear our main project that is based on the straight bet sistem from Belanger’s book.

We’ll be glad if you visit us often and we’ll be very thankful if you can support us by openning an betting account to our sponsor, Unibet. If you do this your are a great bettor and can be a succesful winner with our predictions.

In conclusion if you want that our site stays allive and deliver to you more and more winning tips you must open an betting account to our sponsor Unibet.

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