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Smart earning an easy way to make more money online and free, the only cost beeing is the time you allocate to do this activity. Smart earning equation is very simple the more time you spend online = the more money you can make. Now a days BITCOIN is the fastest way for smart earning cause this cryptocoin represent the power of the internet given to it’s users. Offcource there are many posibilities to smart earn this BITCOIN and allso our staff at is involved in earning easy and smart like this cryptocoin is cause this one is the best.

BITCOIN earning is simple and confortable and the easyeast way to eran it is by claiming free on many faucets that are aviable on internet. Bitcoin faucets are websites that give free bitcoins to users that claim on them each time the timer end of the user accont. Faucets timers varies from 5 mins up to 60 minutes. So each of you who want to smart earn free bitcoins, depending on his/hers aviable time, should decide wich type of faucet wants to become a member.

Our team made some research on faucets and make a top of them that can be suitabe for everyone who wants to earn bitcoins. Below are the links with short descripton and earning oportunities in bitcoin – the curency of the moment:

1. – this is the best free bitcoin program where you can win up to 200$ in bitcoin on each hour per claim

2. – one of the most stable bitcion faucet with up to 5000 satoshi claim per 15 minutes

3. – the coolest free bitcion faucet with every 5 minutes claim and eranings based on your dayly activity; the more days in a row you spent on it the higher bitcoins per claim you can get, not to mention that on each claim you make there is a high posibility to win special bonuses that for a period of time can boost you basic claim to bigger ammounts of satoshi.

It will be our pleasure to register on our free bitcoin links and smart eran like us.