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This site was created by the wish of his owner to share his experience and his team of 12 tipsters to the whole world. As you noticed this site is about betting, but not any kind of betting. Here all will be aboust smart betting wich inclusdes al lot of internal and external factors in order to succeed in this unpredictable domanin.

Everybody is seeking to make money and fast. Now betting is a fast method to make money,but is a vret risky one, so you have to bet smart. In order to bet smart you have to gain a lot of betting experience and especially to understand this phenomen. Once you are skilled enough you can start betting smart and make some good money. Allso you have to be realistic and patient cause money won’t come easy either in this domain.

So our ideea is to share our smart betting tips in order to help everybody to gain a lot of betting experience in short time and probably beat the bookies in an unquie way, by betting on the right thing to happen on an sport event, not chasing big odds with no chance to be a winner.

The main ideea here is to stay with us for a lot of smart betting!!!