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Finding bets with high rate of beeing successfull it may require a lot of documentation time. In reality we hope that you know everyting is possible to occur in an sporting event so documentation time for betting is relative cause you may study a lot in a way and the result goes different from this.

If you are at the begining with betting is understandable that you spent a lot of time for documentation, but even so you must do it carefoly and read in a lot of places the information in order to select useful one. In betting documentation resumes in finding some information that can give you the edge of any bookamker. If you find unique information, like an insider, than you probably place a wining bet. In this case your documentation and time spent are valorous.

You will se that in time you documentation time will deacrese due to gaining experience wich is usefull. The balance experince vs documentation time is
inversely proportional and will give you the oportunity to analyse more sporting events.

We have a lot of betting experience and can tell you that our level is around 6 sport events with high rate of winning and only 3 from this is enough to be a winner in order to make profit when betting single.

If you visit us daily you will see our performance in betting!!!

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