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Betting bonuses are one unique and original way to increase you win rate. Betting bonuses are often offered by bookmakers and they are an aditional chance to improve you betting skills, gain experience and allso practice smart betting in order to become an profesional and succesfull bettor.

Usualy betting bonuses are given to new players as a welcome package when registering for the first time to a new bookmaker that they don’t have in their betting portfollio. So we advice you to hunt all betting bonuses that are in your opinion best choice for your type of betting.

In online medium are plenty of bookmakers so you have a lot of posibilyties from where to chose a betting bonus, but most important is the amout of money given bonus on you fist deposit. In this circumstances you have to take a wise decision when registering to a bookmaker to get it’s wellcome package. We have a lot of experience in this bonuses thing and we advice you to register to bookmaker that offer a bonus of 100% of you first deposit.

Allso you must search a lot of bookmakers to see the ones that have a big amout of bonus for sport betting in the wellcome package, cause you can get evem about 200 euros as welcome bonus or even more if the targeted bookmaker is new on the market.

If you want to get the biggest betting bonuses we recomend you to visit often our web site and see the banners from our bookmaker sponsors who offet probably the best welcome packages for new bettors who want to improve their win rate and smart betting tactics.