Let’s open the book of betting

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Starting from today we decide to write more often to our international web site. So before presenting to you our stacking plan and other smart betting useful thins, we start here our main project that goes on and on for many years on our local site.

As we said in the previous article, the project is based on straight bet sistem from Frank Belanger’s book, but with 2 basic modifications: one that we use 2 games instead of one and the second, we reduced the staking plan from 6 bets to 5 cause is enough to obtain profit on each step we will win out these 5 steps.

This projet is designed for long therm in order to see that we can beat the bookies like every bettor want. Speaking of bookies we’ll be glad if you can place this bet we propose on our sponsor site, so you can benefit from probably the best odds for our selection. So bwlow is our selection for today and you can place it instantly on this link.


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