Some startup betting tips

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Think you are ready to start betting, than before you do this we think is recomended to read some startup betting tips whic will make it easy for you. In the following ferw rows we’ll tell you some tips that we use when betting on different sports. These startup betting tips should be helpfullto everyone in order to improve their win rate. This makes part of our smart betting strategy amoung other useful things we do to be on the right way to become a succesfull bettors.

Here are our startup betting tips:

  1. Chose a maximum of 4 sport disciplines to bet on
  2. Chose only betting options that have just 2 posibilities (you will increase your chance of winning by 50% just from the start)
  3. Chose sporting events that can give you the edge over the bookmaker (having some infos that you think the bookmaker doesn’t know)

And now some particular startup betting tips by the discipline chosen:

  1. Fotball – bet only on over/under 2.5 goas and both teams to score (very helpfull will be statistics on these particular betting options)
  2. Ice hockey – bet only on home or away win in regular time for teams that have 3 lost games in a row (follow teams that are ranked on places 2nd to 5th in their league)
  3. Basketball – bet only on over/under including over time (use a simple strategy that calculate the average of points scored by each team in the last 3 matches; then compare this with bookmaker offer and place your bet in order to cover the gap between the two results)
  4. Baseball – follow teams that can manage to take advantage of home grownd no matter the oponent and bet on their victory beacause statistically more than 55% home games are won by the hosting team and the odds are pretty good.

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