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We are a team of 12 tipsters with more than 10 years of experience in betting field. After 3 years of activity with a website in our home country, we decided to go on international. We want that a large mass of bettors to know about our smart betting projects so we created to inform everyone about how we see betting and allso to show our performance in this domain.

Starting from todat we’ll build this site and try to make it very popular in the world of bettors. First of all will be this anouncement with few words about us and what we plan to do. Daily we’ll ad something to this site to make it fully operationl and them we’ll fill it with useful information for bettors.

To start this site we needed some sponsors to finance our activity. We sent some mails and got some answers from out potential sponsors. To our sponsorship questions fist answer is from Unibet who agreed to sponsor our begining on international field. We allso put a banner on our site, dedicated to our 1st and main sponsor.

Our plans are big but we’ll start slow in order to make the things good. You can visit us daily to see the changes we make and maybe you get to use some information about betting we publish, especially smart betting tips.

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