Improving your win rate

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Winning it the main point when betting and this can be measured to see your own performnce and try to improve it. As a bettor you must know that there is no 100% win rate in the world of betting. One you make evidence of your bets by using different methods you can determine you win rate. After you get to know your initial win rate and your are not content with it, then you can start improving it by takeing several important measures to increase it.

Once you start working on increasing your win rate, you will notice in an determined amount of time some improvements if you work in a proper way to eliminate all the negative factors in you betting model or profile. If you want to improve your win rate, you must make changes at least in the following directions:

  1. seek betting options like over/under or both teams to score cause this type of options will increase you winning chances to 50% from the start
  2. try to make a protfollio of teams to bet on and try to follow them in ecach evolution
  3. try to speciallize on one or max two sport disciplines
  4. try to find any usefull information about the event you decide to bet
  5. if you find anythng that will create an edge for you beside the bookies, you must exploit this in your advantage

These 5 advices must be a start for you in order to improve your win rate. The rest depends to you on how to do this and be a succesfull bettor.

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