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We were close last time with our belanger project. Actually a dam goal missed in order to cash the winnings and start again from step one the project and with profit not with money to recover.

In fact we didn’t have to think so, cause we might damage our overall progress. Here our goal is to concetrate on picking up best selections and transform them into winning tips placed on our sponsor link here.

The belanger sistem we use is a modified one from the original straight bet sistem. We removed the 6th stake step and instead of one game, we use to make a double. This modification ensures us to spend less bankroll if all 5 stepes are lost, or to make higher profit if we win starting from step 3 of the edited sistem.

The selection we should put in this sistem will be accordinly to our partned offer. The offer has many selections and options that are accordingly to our criterias of picking games, there fore no need to worry about it.

The next step is exclusively from England League One and the selections are quite simple. The 2 games opose teams that are motivated to score in order to maintain in laegue table. In this case the best option is both teams to score and among with the we can make some good profit.

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